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This year’s talks are now available to download

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Talks from previous years and other CCOWA events are available here

In 2022 we’ll be looking at Ephesians together as Amy Stopher shares with us, encouraging us to Walk in the Way of Love.

Details for major events are now harder to lock in (and to keep locked in!) so follow us on social media to stay up to date or ask to join our mailing list.

Women knowing Jesus

Perth Women’s Convention is a day of Bible teaching for women, exploring the truth of God’s word, responding to him and thinking through how to live for Jesus.

No matter what age or stage of life, whether you’ve been a Christian for ages or you’re just checking it out, PWC is for you. Bring your mum, sister, colleague or Bible study group for a day of encouragement, music, interviews and much more.

“I always come away from PWC refreshed and refocused. Hearing what God has to say to me through his word never fails to both reassure me and challenge me at the same time.”

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